Webinar #4: Masterclass - Inclusive Culture Construction

Webinar #4 is a masterclass organized by Catherine Ashcraft and Brad McLain. Catherine Ashcraft is the Director of Research and a Senior Research Scientist at The National Center for Women & Information Technology. Brad McLain serves as a Director of Corporate Research at The National Center for Women & Information Technology.

This workshop provides an introduction to an effective, research-based “Inclusion Journey” framework, specifically designed to help organizations avoid past DEI pitfalls and successfully implement systemic, sustainable approaches to creating inclusive workplace cultures. The approach guides change leaders through a three-step process for developing a strategic action plan, complete with progress metrics.

The three primary elements of the approach employ a journey metaphor an include:
1) the Map – a research-backed change model that describes the five key areas an organization should pay attention to in order to create in inclusive culture.
2) the GPS – an online assessment tool that helps leaders understand how their organizations are performing in each of the five key areas.
3) the Route – an action planning tool that helps leaders prioritize and make specific plans for how they will enact change in each area.

Attendees will become familiar with this approach and leave with practical strategies and ressources for implementing change in their own organizations.

The webinar takes place on Thursday the 3rd of November at 3 pm.
Members of the Charter will receive a link for registration by email.
The webinar is reserved for members of the Charter.